About us

We are My Soccer Nation

My Soccer Nation is a video content creator focussing on documentary style programs and filler type TV inserts from all the soccer Loving Nations in Africa. With Super Sport, amongst others, as our broadcasting partner we travel all over Africa and produce documentary style inserts about National teams, women soccer, upliftment and academy activities, beach soccer, 6 and 5 a side, training and skills training  projects as well as the history of soccer in Africa.

Our 26 minute monthly TV show is the only one of its kind in Africa on any broadcasting platform covering above mentioned categories as well as interviews with coaches, captains, Federations and event organisers about the growth and future of the beautiful game on the African Continent. In addition to our monthly TV show all our video inserts are used by Super Sport as fillers and standalone documentaries on all their dedicated soccer channels in South Africa and the Rest of Africa.

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